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I am a photographer based in Budapest and Istanbul. Having over twenty years of professional experience, I worked with various corporate clients, magazines, performing artists and models.

I provide commercial photography services for:

■ architectural, construction and interior projects

■ corporate portraits and events

■ social media feed and follow

■ products and apparel

■ beauty and fashion

■ portfolios, books for models and artists

■ food and beverages

■ nautical, yachts

■ artistic and discrete nudes

■ projects, advertisements, editorials

Personal Projects and Fine art Prints :

Photography was a hobby since my childhood. Playing with light, observing the changes and effects; night photography, long exposures and slow shutter speeds for ghost movements became my favorites. Then with digital photography tools, partly visible several layers became another exciting subject. The traces of this past is sensible on my personal projects as well as fine art images where themes are usually :

■ seascapes-sailing-sky

■ nude-beauty

■ figures-dance

■ abstract-experimental-deformations

My quest is still active for aesthetic beauty, eye pleasing as well as contrasts, deformations and surprises. At my nudes I emphasize on lyricism, romanticism, introversion and aesthetics. I try to catch lyric emotions.

Crypto Art :

Blockchain technology of the relatively new and interesting crypto world has recently enabled offering artworks as non-fungible tokens (NFT) which can be created as digital assests directly by the artists. Recently I started to create NFTs under a new digital artist name: Altugraph.

I patiently work with the slices of the recorded moments. As a digital artist I create GIFs and video animations from my photos and tunes that I compose and play. Themes are usually :

■ solitude, loneliness

■ emotions

■ future and sci-fi like changes

■ digitalization and pixelation

■ transformations and deformations 

Let me finish with some

'maybe bonding' details :

■ 1972 - Ankara

■ 1991 - Lycee Saint Joseph Istanbul

■ 1996 - Bogaziçi University - POLS BA

■ Turkish - English - Hungarian - French

■ Married and father of two

■ Sailing - Ping-pong - Archery - Chess

■ Bass Guitar - Saxophone

■ Aquarius aquarist

Thank You for reading so far :)

Peace and love


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